What To Do After 10th Board Exam- Best Courses After Class 10th in Science, Arts and Commerce Stream

What To Do After 10th Board Exam: If you are having to do this article after 10th, then it means that you have probably given your 10th exam. Now you are thinking that which subject to take after 10th. 

If you have the same question in your mind I am confused about my career after 10th? then there is no need to worry because today by the end of this article you will definitely know that what are all the options in front of you that you can choose.

What To Do After 10th Board Exam

I am Confused about my Career after 10th Class

There was a time when there was no such career counselors or internet facility to see what courses a student can choose next after class 10th. But now that time is no more, now everyone gets to read about the further courses easily in the internet.

Choosing the next stream is not that difficult if you get to know what is your interest and dislike, in which subjects you are good and most important thing you should be interested in those subjects and you should be able to read them. You can die.

The biggest problem they find is in choosing what is going to help them in the future. There is a lot of confusion about which stream to choose next, Arts, Science or Commerce.

After the 10th class, students often find it difficult to decide which stream is better than the other, behind the choice of the right stream. In which stream they will be easier to score more marks. Which stream will help them in achieving their goals and jobs. The same is going to provide them good job satisfaction going forward.

Here you will get information about all the aspects that you need to know in choosing a stream after 10th. It is a place that decides the future course of your life. Therefore, you have to read this article very carefully what course to do after 10th.

This article I am confused about my career after 10th is equally important not only for the students but also for the parents. Then without delay let's start.

Which Field is Easy After 10th?

Determining the "easiest" field after 10th depends entirely on your individual strengths, interests, and learning style. There's no one-size-fits-all answer, as what might be effortless for one person could be challenging for another. However, I can offer some options and tips to help you make an informed decision:

Instead of focusing on "easy," consider:

Your interests and talents: What subjects did you enjoy most in 10th grade? What activities are you naturally good at? Aligning your chosen field with your passion can make it feel less like work and more like self-discovery.

Learning style: Do you prefer theoretical concepts or practical hands-on application? Some fields might require strong memorization and analytical skills, while others emphasize creativity and problem-solving. Knowing your learning style can help you choose a path that feels comfortable and engaging.

Future career goals: What kind of work environment do you envision yourself in? Are you aiming for high-paying jobs with long hours, or something more stable with flexible schedules? Researching career options within different fields can provide valuable insights.

Options to explore:

Traditional 11th & 12th grade streams: Science, Commerce, and Arts offer diverse specializations within each. Choose the one that aligns with your strengths and preferred subjects.

Diploma courses: Consider vocational training in skilled trades like electrical work, mechanics, or hospitality management. These offer practical skills and job opportunities quickly.

Certificate courses: Short-term programs in fields like graphic design, animation, or computer repair can equip you with specific skills valuable in today's market.

Which Subject I Choose After 10th

When you pass 10th, then the most question that arises in front of you is that Which Subject I Choose After 10thafter that which of the three main streams you should take, Science, Commerce and Arts. You may also be happy to know that after passing 10th, there are many other options besides this. Let us then know what are the career options after 10th.

Although there are many options for students in India to pursue further studies after 10th, but there is always a doubt among students, which subject to choose after 10th, in which they can choose their favorite subject and study further.

But still all these career paths are mainly divided into these four categories. At the same time, all of you will know about three of these categories or streams. There is also a fourth which you can also call professional course. So let us now know which subject to choose after 10th.

These streams are mainly divided into four categories, which are

  • Stream-Independent Career Options

Next we are going to know more about the subject of these streams.

Arts Courses After 10th

Studying Arts Stream or Humanities Stream after 10th is a very good choice. This subject is such an academic discipline that deals with the study of Human Condition. In which such methodologies are often used which are usually analytical, critical and speculative.

On studying this, we get to know why humans have been called a social animal. How should we treat each other? How important is social understanding in our life etc. You can also call arts to study human beings.

Which subjects are there in Arts stream?

In Arts stream, students have to study these subjects.

  • History 
  • Geography 
  • Political Science 
  • English
  • Economics 
  • Psychology 
  • Fine Arts 
  • Sociology 
  • Physical Education 
  • Literature

Benefits of taking Arts after 10th Class

Taking arts after 10th has its own benefits. People do not choose Arts stream often, while they choose Science stream and Commerce more.

Because they feel that only those people fall in arts who have less marks in 10th. But this does not happen at all because Arts Stream has many benefits. In this, students get more career options, that too in academic instead of vocational.

In this, you do not have to study very difficult subjects, which makes it easier for you to prepare for IAS later. Therefore, you can choose this stream when you are preparing for some big exam. At the same time, you know completely what you have to do next.

Commerce after 10th

Commerce after 10th is chosen by many students who like business and want to go ahead and start their own business. Commerce subject in Hindi is a stream in which students have to study about trade and business, while all the processes and activities that are happening in a commercial organization.

At the same time, there are many career options in this which revolve around this field. Students who choose commerce stream can do their career in any of these fields like Finance, Planning, Accountancy, Tax Practitioners, Broking, Banking etc.

Which subjects are there in commerce stream ?

Now let us know what are the subjects in commerce. In Commerce stream, students have to study these subjects.

  • Economics
  • Accountancy 
  • Business Studies / Organisation of Commerce 
  • Mathematics
  • English 
  • Information Practices
  • Statistics

Benefits of taking commerce after 10th

Taking commerce stream after 10th has its own benefits. Where Science Stream is the most popular stream to take, there are more options in it for the students to choose which creates more confusion.

Whereas in the study of commerce, it is completely based on commerce. That's why those studying commerce know very well what they have to do in their future career. They are more focused about their career.

Science after 10th

Science is a very attractive stream after 10th and it is often wanted by all the students and their parents to choose this stream. This is probably because science stream provides them with good career options like engineering, medical, IT and computer science.

At the same time, choosing science stream in class X gives them another important option that they can convert to streams (Arts or Commerce) if they want to pursue their academic career later.

In simple language, if a science student wants, he can take any subject from Arts or Commerce stream, if he is not comfortable with his courses, which are provided to him in graduation level.

On the contrary, arts and commerce students are not given this opportunity to choose any other science subject.

There are many courses under Science stream which provide many career options to the students.In the study of science, students have to do many systematic studies and investigations of all natural phenomena and occurrences, in which they have to use many methods such as observation, experimentation.

By studying science after class 10, students can make their career in these three main subjects Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Whereas in some career options, you have to pay attention to one subject specifically, while in some career options, you have to pay attention to more than one subject.

Which Subjects are there in Science Stream ?

In Science stream, students have to study these subjects.

  • Physics 
  • Mathematics 
  • Chemistry 
  • Biology 
  • Computer Science / IT (Information Technology) 
  • Biotechnology 
  • English

Benefits of taking science after 10th

There are many benefits of taking science after 10th. In this you will find many such courses in which you have to choose what you want to study and varieties you want to make your career.

Talking about career choices, in today's time, the two main courses which students choose more are Engineering and Medical Sciences.

Where in engineering, you have to understand concepts more, in this you should have analytical thinking and ability to learn quickly. Whereas in Medical Science, you have to memorize more and learn many new skills.

What are professional courses?

After 10th, there is also a fourth career option in front of students except Science, Arts and Commerce stream. This is for Professional Courses. They are also called stream-independent, because it does not depend on any particular stream.

Which stream comes in the professional course?

  • Vocational Courses  
  • Polytechnic Courses
  • ITI  
  • Diploma etc.

After 10th Courses List For Girl

Choosing the right course after 10th grade can be a daunting task, especially for girls who might face societal pressures or limited information about available options. Here's a list of diverse and fulfilling courses that girls can pursue after 10th, categorized based on interests and skillsets:

After 10th Courses List For Girl in Science:

  • Science Stream with specializations in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, or Mathematics: This opens doors to careers in research, medicine, engineering, and various other STEM fields.
  • Diploma in Nursing: Pursue a noble career in healthcare by providing direct patient care and playing a vital role in the medical field.
  • Diploma in Biotechnology: Combine your love for science with cutting-edge technology in fields like genetic engineering, pharmaceuticals, and environmental science.

After 10th Courses List For Girl in Creative Mind:

  • Arts Stream with specializations in Fine Arts, Music, Dance, or Literature: Unleash your creativity and explore careers in visual arts, performing arts, writing, and design.
  • Diploma in Fashion Design: Design clothes, accessories, and footwear, blending your artistic talent with technical skills and trend forecasting.
  • Diploma in Interior Design: Craft beautiful and functional living spaces, combining your artistic vision with knowledge of space planning and furniture selection.

After 10th Courses List For Girl in Tech:

  • Commerce Stream with specializations in Computer Science, Business Administration, or Economics: Gain valuable skills in data analysis, coding, marketing, and finance, preparing you for diverse business careers.
  • Diploma in Computer Science: Dive into the world of coding and programming, opening doors to careers in software development, web design, and cyber security.
  • Diploma in Graphic Design: Master visual communication tools like Photoshop and Illustrator to create stunning graphics, logos, and user interfaces.

After 10th Courses List For Girl in  Practical Learner:

  • Vocational Training Courses: Gain hands-on skills in fields like electrical work, automobile repair, beauty therapy, or hospitality management, leading to immediate job opportunities.
  • Diploma in Hotel Management: Learn the intricacies of the hospitality industry, preparing you for a career in hotels, resorts, or event management.
  • Diploma in Paramedical Sciences: Pursue a fulfilling career in healthcare by specializing in areas like radiology, physiotherapy, or lab technology.

Best Courses After 10th With High Salary

Determining the "best" course after 10th for high salary can be tricky, as salary potential depends on various factors like chosen specialization, experience level, geographical location, and industry demand. However, I can offer some promising options with good earning potential across diverse fields:

Best Courses After 10th With High Salary in Technical Fields:

  • Engineering Diploma: Specializations like Computer Science, Mechanical, Electrical, or Civil Engineering offer strong technical foundations and lead to careers in design, development, manufacturing, and construction. The median salary for engineers in India can range from INR 4-8 lakhs per annum, with potential for significant growth depending on experience and specialization.
  • Diploma in Computer Application: Gain expertise in programming, software development, and database management, opening doors to jobs in web development, data analysis, and IT infrastructure. Salary potential can range from INR 3-5 lakhs per annum initially, with upward mobility based on skills and experience.
  • Cybersecurity Diploma: As cyber threats grow, demand for cybersecurity professionals surges. This course equips you with skills in network security, ethical hacking, and incident response, leading to careers with salaries potentially exceeding INR 5 lakhs per annum.

Best Courses After 10th With High Salary in Creative Fields:

  • Fashion Design Diploma: Combine your creative flair with technical skills to design clothes, accessories, and footwear. Successful fashion designers can earn significantly, with some top professionals commanding annual salaries in the crores.
  • Animation & Multimedia Diploma: Master animation, 3D modelling, and visual effects for a career in the booming media and entertainment industry. Salaries can range from INR 3-5 lakhs initially, with potential for high income based on project budgets and skills.
  • Graphic Design Diploma: Hone your visual communication skills to create logos, branding materials, and user interfaces. Skilled graphic designers can earn upwards of INR 4-5 lakhs per annum, with potential for freelance work and higher income.

Best Courses After 10th With High Salary in Business & Management Fields:

  • Business Administration Diploma: Gain foundational knowledge in marketing, finance, human resources, and operations, preparing you for diverse management roles. Salaries can range from INR 3-5 lakhs initially, with significant increases as you climb the corporate ladder.
  • Hotel Management Diploma: Enter the dynamic hospitality industry with skills in hotel operations, event management, and customer service. Entry-level salaries can start around INR 3 lakhs, with potential for rapid growth in managerial positions.
  • Data Analytics Diploma: As data becomes crucial for businesses, demand for data analysts soars. This course equips you with skills in data visualization, statistical analysis, and predictive modeling, leading to roles with salaries potentially exceeding INR 5 lakhs per annum.


I hope you must have liked my article on I am confused about my career after 10th. It has always been my endeavor to provide complete information to the readers about what topics to read after 10th, so that they do not have to search any other sites or internet in the context of that article.

This will also save their time and they will also get all the information in one place. If you have any doubts about this article Which Career Is Best For Me After 10th or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then you can write low comments for this.

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